Gizli Yüzler (Faces Cachées)

Thriller, Belgian/Turkish Movie. Director: Sümeya Kökten

Thriller, Belgian/Turkish Movie. Director: Sümeya Kökten
Leading role of Fikret, a family father and husband, whose wife fights against unknown powers, equipped with the love of her daughter.

Alles außer Liebe (Anthing but Love) | 2012

German/Austrian TV Film, Director: Karsten Wichniarz

Supporting role as Alexander, chef and romantic love interest, in the romantic comedy starring Fritz Wepper and Gila von Weitershausen.

Ein Sommer in Kroatien (A Summer in Croatia) | 2012

German/Austrian TV Film. Director: Holger Barthel. 

German/Austrian TV Film. Director: Holger Barthel.
Supporting role as Vedran in the drama, starring Krista Stadler and Franziska Stavjanik.

Kebab mit alles (Kebab with everything) | 2011

Austrian TV Film. Director: Wolfgang Murnberger

Supporting role as lawyer in the romantic comedy, starring Andreas Vitasek und Franziska Sztavjanik.

Oben Ohne (Topless)

Austrian TV Series from 2007 to 2012. Director: Reinhard Schwabenitzky

Supporting role as Haktan in the episode „Die türkische Braut“ (The Turkish Bride) starring Elfi Eschke and Andreas Steppan.

Ihanet | 2009

Turkish Action TV Series with the Channel Star-TV. Director: Mustafa Sevki Dogan

Leading role as Harun Hanci, son of rich parents who fights for justice fort he family.

Vatan | 2008

Turkish Short Film in recognition of the 163rd anniversary of the Turkish Police.

Leading role as police officer in a film on the subject of The Police: Servant and Helper of People.

Love at War (Al Mahabba) | 2008

Historic Short Film.  Director: Academy Award winner Stefan Ruzowitzky

Leading role as Khaled Ibn Awalid, a fighter in an action film about the triumph of love over war.

Pars Narkoterör | 2007-2008

Turkish Action Series on the Channel Show TV. Directors: Osman Sinav, Metin Günay

Leading role as Mert Karacabey, a lawyer who fights the drug mafia.

Aci Hayat | 2005-2007

Turkish TV Series on the Channel Show TV.  Director: Abdülkadir Ceylan Ede

Leading role as Ender Kervancioglu, a spoilt and scheming son of rich parents who seeks the love of a young woman. From 2005 to 2007, Aci Hayat was the most successful TV series in Turkey with viewing rates over 50 %.

Bir Umut Uğruna | 1991

TV Drama  about a Turkish family father, who emigrates from Turkey to Germany with the help of a sham marriage, leaving behind his wife and kids. Leading role as sun who is supposed to bring back his sick father from Germany to Turkey.